Justice & Malachi 3: 1-5

I Keep Feeling Such Intense Pressure In The Earth. The Land Is Groaning To Shift In A Major Way And We Are Shifting With It. Many Of You Are About To Experience MAJOR Shifts In Your Life. Major Breakthroughs And Major Breaking- Through! Like A Baby Coming Through The Birth Canal!! A NEW PLACE! A NEW GLORY! Justice Has Been The Prominent Theme That I Keep Hearing With These Shifts!! It Is The Great And Terrible At The Same Time!! JUSTICE! The Gavel Comes Down On ALL Unrighteousness!! Not Only Injustice That Has Happened To Us But Also IN US.. AND In Our Nation...!! Light Is Increasing- Glory Is Increasing! What Can Dwell In His GLORY??!! MALACHI 3:1-5... Come Jesus!!! Send Your Glory!! #MichelleSeidler#Justice #Glory #Shift

2018 Prophecy - Part 1

December 17th- 2017 - Prophetic Word For 2018- Part 1

There Is Much Jesus Is Obviously Doing And This Post Specifically Is Regarding One Thing He Has Shared With Me About The Church Body.... I Hope To Write More About What I See And About Our Nation Soon.
I Have Shared In Previous Months In Posts, Videos, As Well As On My Blog Regarding The Beginnings Of This.. I Shared Seeing Jesus Riding On A Horse With Such Passion And Zeal In His Eyes, I Knew It Was Psalm 45. As I Was Watching Him I Was Hearing Heaven And Jesus Singing Psalm 45 And Isaiah 62 Back And Forth... Justice Was In His Heart! For More Understanding I Encourage You To Watch The Video I Did In October.. This Year, 2018 We Are Going To See A Greater Manifestation Of This Justice Individually And Corporately As A Body.. The Manifestation Of This Started In October 2017.. 
This Manifestation Of Justice Started With Uncovering Hidden Things, Different Things, But Specifically Regarding The Injustice Against Women, Who Prophetically Represent The Corporate Church. This Will Continue But We Will Begin To Move Into A Different Form Of Justice!! 
Jesus Told Me He Was “Rolling It All Up!” I Saw As He Reached Back 10 Years And Grabbed The End Of A Scroll Of All Injustice And He Began To Pull It Forward And Roll It Up! After He Rolled It Up I Watched As He Forcefully Slammed The Gavel! RESTITUTION- PAY BACK AND RESTORATION!! 
As I Watched It Was Very Interesting Because The Justice Came On The Righteous And Unrighteous. AND The Manifestation Of Justice Looked Different For Different People And In Different Areas Of Our Lives It Could Look Different. For Some It May Look Like Further Tearing Down Or For Some Building... Either Way There Is Going To Be Fruit; Manifestation... We Will See Both Happening At The Same Time. And Possibly Even The Same Thing Happen To Us In Our Individual Lives Simultaneously.. One Area Great Tearing Down, One Area Great Growth.. Its The Great And The Terrible But It is ALL Justice Wrapped In Mercy!
Let Me Explain...
2017 Was A Season Of Pruning, Letting Go, Surrender, Cleansing And Repentance And What That Looked Like For Each Person Was Different.. To The Degree We Gave Ourselves To Surrender To Those Things In That Season Is How We Will See The Manifestation Of This Justice. To Those Who Resisted The Previous Season Justice Will Look Like Further Tearing Down And Loss.. This Tearing Down And Loss Is His Mercy Because He Is So Committed To Bring Us Forward Into This Greater Glory Coming.. Removal Is Necessary .. To Those Who Gave Themselves To That Pruning, Cleansing, Letting Go, And Surrendered What Needed To Be Surrendered There Will Be The Manifestation Of NEW FRUIT! There Will Be A NEW MANIFESTATION Of GLORY In Different Areas. Many Answers To Prayers! Justice Is Paving The Way For Greater Glory.. 
This Justice Is Against EVERYTHING That Has And Is Holding Us Back From Advancing Into Every Good Thing That He Has For Us Individually And Corporately That We Would Come Into Greater Works And The Greater Glory That The Earth And Jesus Are Groaning For. Glory Demands Transformation, When Glory Increases There Can Be No Middle Ground. Glory Separates The Light From Dark, Even On The Inside Of Us. It Will Confront Our Motives And Agendas... Pure Motives And Agendas Will Bring Forth Fruit For The Kingdom, The Un- Pure Will Come Into More Fire... This Is The Justice!! He Is Zealous To Remove Everything That Hinders HIM On The Earth And It Is Christ In Us The Hope Of Glory!! 

I Also Saw Specific Leaders, Those With Well Established Voices; Prophetic Leaders In The Church, As Well As Leaders Of Nations Pass Away And Go On Into Glory.. This Is All Making Room For The New And Paving The Way For The New Waves Of Glory! There Is Coming A New Sound And A New Voice!! The Bride Is Awakening And Finding Her Voice!! 
Part 2 ComingSoon!! #MichelleSeidler #NewYear #2018

Hurricane Irma/ Hurricane Harvey/ Mexico Earthquake/ Sep 2017

No Reason To Fear...God Is Not Judging The World...The End Has Not Come....The Earth Is Groaning With Contractions For You To Come Forward. Alignment Brings Advancement But It Is Usually Messy. On The Greatest Day Ever, The Day Jesus Died On The Cross There Was Such An Alignment The Earth Let Out A Groan And There Was A Massive Earthquake That Brought Great Destruction...
He Loves You And Is Longing For You To Come Closer To Him. As You Come Closer To Him You Discover Who You Are And Then Will Walk In The Fullness Of What You Are Called Into. The Earth Is Groaning For This. Romans 8....

Eclipse 2017

Eclipse 2017!! 
Psalm 19:1 " The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God, The Sky Above Proclaims His Handiwork" 
All Of Creation Prophesies!! So What Is This Eclipse Prophesying? 
For Months I Have Spent Much Time Weeping Because Of The Heart Of Jesus. I Have Heard The Cry Of His Heart, The Longing Of His Heart For His Bride. Jesus Is Asking, Will You Love Me Back??
Will You Really Love Me Back? Will You Lay Down Your Life? Will You Hate Your Life? Will You Have No Other Lovers? Will You Choose Me?! There Is A Sound, A Song, A Cry From His Heart To His Bride Being Released NOW! The Heavens Are Prophesying It! The Heavens Are Prophesying, BEHOLD!! BEHOLD, The BRIDE BEHOLD The BRIDEGROOM!! It Is Time To AWAKE, To GROW, To MATURE! It Is Time For Sons And Daughters To Leave Their Fathers House And To Come Into The Identity Of The BRIDE, Mature Love! This Love GIVES, This Love GIVES Its Life! He Is So Committed To Us, He Will Be Relentless To Bring Us Forth Into This Love. But We Do Have A Choice. This Declaration Will Demand A Response Though....It Demands A Yes Or No.. The Middle Is The Worst Place To Be.. Revelation 3:15.. The Heavens Are Declaring And The Earth Is Groaning For You To Come Forth! Yes, There Are Birth Pains, Birth Is Never Easy!! He Never Said It Would Be Easy. But It Is Time For A New Glory! It Is Your Time To Shine! The Heavens Are Declaring Isaiah 60:1
"ARISE! SHINE! For Your Light Has Come! The Glory Of The Lord Has Risen Upon You! BEHOLD Darkness Shall Cover The Earth, And Thick Darkness The People, But The Lord Will Arise Upon You And His Glory Will Be Seen On You!" 
Receive The Invitation From Him!! Draw Near To Him, Choose Him Again, Renew Your Vows To Him, Give Your Life To Him In A Greater Way! Do This And You Will Come Into A New Light, A New Glory, His Glory, And You Will Shine With It In The Midst Of Darkness! It's Who You Are! 
As I Have Been Traveling This Is What I Have Been Preaching, I Hope To Soon Have An Edited Recording To Share With You.

Pray For Our Nation

We Have Been And Still Are In A Season Of Intense Warfare. We Really Need To Be Praying For Our Nation And Neil Gorsuch Right Now. Pray For His Protection And For His Confirmation! This Is About So Much More Than A Man. There Is Still A War Over Our Nation Shifting Into The New Place. This One Confirmation Is A Huge Key To Things Locking Into Place! Our Nation Is In Labor. As Midwives Let Us Having Understanding And Insight, And With Understanding And Insight War With The Prophetic Declaration!! Use Words! War With Words, His Words!! It Is Not The Time For Revival, It Is The Time For War. If We Do Not Understand That And We Just Keep Talking About Revival, And Focused On Revival We Miss The Time. Trump Coming Into Office Was The Breaking Open Not The Fullness! The Earth Is Groaning, Let Us Groan Together In Agreement With The Spirit Of God.

Womens March Jan. 21st.2017

This Women's March Is A Counterfeit Movement! This Is The Enemy Attempting To Raise Up A Counterfeit Model To What God Is Doing And What Is Soon To Happen! We Are In A New Era. This New Administration Will Cause, In Agreement With Heaven, Women To Rise And Come Forth Into Their Positions Like Never Before! Women Will
Go Through Doors They Have Never Been Through Before, They Will Be Given A Voice Where They Have Not Had A Voice. Their Voices Will Be Heard In Churches, Government, Politics, Media, Business, Etc. I Have Said This For Months, President Trump Will Be A Champion For Women In A Way We Have NEVER SEEN!
This Is A Prophetic Picture Of The Church Coming Into Her Rightful Place, The Church Getting Her Voice Back And Being Invited Into Positions Of Leadership Where She Has Not Been! This War Is Against The Church And Against Jesus! Women Are A Prophetic Picture Of The Church!

I Am A Woman And I Am American. As An American Woman, I Stand In The Gap For Our Nation. Agree With Me!!

Father Forgive Us, Have Mercy On Our Ignorance. This Women's March Is A Disgrace And We Do Not Agree With It! Forgive Us For Agreeing With The Enemy And Responding In Rebellion. Have Mercy On Us! Father, I Thank You That You Are Raising Up Women In This Hour, Just As You Are Raising Up The Corporate Bride Of Jesus!! Thank You For Raising Up Women Of Honor, Those Who Love You And Agree With You And Your Ways! I Declare This False Women's Movement Will Not Prosper! We As Women Of God Reject You Satan!!! We Reject Your False Plans And Declare Death To All Your Schemes!! We Agree With YOU Father, We Declare This False Women's Movement Will Not Prosper!! We Call Forth The TRUE Rise Of Honorable Women, Come And Take Your Place And Declare The Name Of Jesus!! Women, As A Prophetic Picture Of The Corporate Church Rise Up!! Come Into Place!! Open Your Mouth For TRUE Justice And Righteousness!! Judge Righteously, Plead The Cause For The Poor And Needy!! I Declare As Women, Strength And Honor Are Our Clothing, We Open Our Mouth With Wisdom And On Our Tongue Is The Law Of Kindness!! We Reject Any Other Clothing, We Reject This Foolishness And Declare We Are Women That Have The Fear The Lord!! Proverbs 31.. Amen!!

Real Estate, Land, Business

Holy Spirit Told Me Today That The Government Is Going To Give Amazing Incentives AND Make It Easier To Buy A House In The Days To Come. Not Sure Of The Details, Except For Some Kind Of Deals Made With The Government And Banks, As Well
As Other Things... I Saw A Major Surge In The Housing Market In About 2 Years!! Also Saw Major Incentives For New Small Businesses And There Would Be Some Kind Of Support That Would Help People Who Did Not Even Know How To Start A Business, One Being Education, Free Classes... I Also Saw Major Trade Agreements With Israel. This Will Also Cause A Boom In Israels Economy, Many Small Businesses Will Spring Up There That Will Also Somehow Benefit The USA Too! Before These Things Happen, Other Things With The Nations Will Happen That Could Look Bad, And Cause Some To Fear, But FEAR NOT, Its Just An Adjustment That Is Bringing Greater Alignment!! If Any Of This Resonates With You, I Encourage You To Prepare Now And Be Ahead Of The Game!! Take Your Classes, Or Whatever He Shows You What Being Prepared Looks Like For You :) Ask Him How To Prepare For The Things That Are Coming! In The Days Ahead There Will Be Much Talk About Real Estate, Land, And Small Business!! I See A Time Of SO Much Excitement And HOPE.. It's Time To Dream With Holy Spirit 😎 #MichelleSeidler#GodBlessIsrael #GodBlessUSA

Call To Pray... Jan. 13th 2017

I Had Such A Restless And Strange Night, And I Have Had An Unsettling In My Spirit All Day. I Keep Having Visions Of Watching The News And Seeing Another Tragedy. As I Watch I Am Surrounded By The Sense Of So Much Hatred For The USA AND Israel.. Really, The Hatred Is Against Israel, Such A Deep Jealousy That Goes Beyond The Garden. The USA Because We Are A Christian Nation Who's Foundation Is " In God We Trust" Satan Is Jealous And Is Stirring Up Broken People Into A Drunken Delusion Of Hatred.. Let's Be Praying For Israel And Our Cities And Our Beloved Nation!! "In God We Trust" Is Under Assault.. However, Our God Is Greater And We Agree With Him, And Put Our Trust In Him!! AND, Bless The Land... The Actual Land Where You Are! Speak Peace, Prophesy! To The Earth That There Would Be No Trauma! Earthquakes Come Because Of Pressure, Not Just In The Natural But In The Spirit.. Release And Shifts Can Come Apart From Damage... Also Praying Much For Atlanta!! #Amen #MichelleSeidler #Israel #GodBlessTheUSA #Pray

Justice Is In His Heart!

Be Encouraged My Friends! Laugh And Tremble At The Same Time!! I Saw Him Coming This Year With GREAT Zeal! FIRE In His Eyes! A Crown On His Head!! He Is Coming To Execute JUSTICE!! He Is Full Of Zeal And Passion For His Bride!! It Brings A Quaking!! The Earth Will Quake! I Saw Him, And I Heard All Of Heaven And The Angels Singing Psalm 45.. He Was Declaring Back Isiah 62!! JUSTICE Is In His Heart! Oh, And The Wave Is Coming!! LAUGH AND TREMBLE!! Your Warfare Has Ended!!! Declaring A SHIFT Today!!  #Justice #PeaceToJerusalem #HeWhoTouchesYouTouchesTheAppleOfHisEye

The Prophets And Holy Fire

In The Last Month I Have Been Visited By The Spirit Of The Lord A Few Times That Has Greatly Troubled Me. I Have Carried It In My Heart And Have Only Shared It With A Few People... Today, The Same Thing Happened Again, He Suddenly Came Upon Me And I Begin To Weep With Deep Groaning, It Is A Heavy Grieving. Then He Began To Speak To Me And Show Me Things That Are So Troubling. With It Comes The Fear Of The Lord, And I Feel I Am In The Atmosphere Of Jeremiah 23 Weeping With Jeremiah.. In This Place He Shows Me There Is A Purifying Fire, A Cleansing Fire, A HOLY Fire Coming To The Church, But Specifically To The Prophets.. This Fire Is Coming And Bringing The Fear Of The Lord With It.. It Is Coming To Purge The FLESH, SELF. The Flesh That Has Disregarded And Dishonored Him By Saying, "Thus Saith The Lord" When He Did Not Speak Jerm 23: 21..Speaking Visions Of Their Own Hearts Jerm23:16.. I Saw How So Many Did Not Know Who They Were And Therefore They Spoke, "Thus Saith The Lord" To Try And Get Attention And Affirmation From Men. I Saw Those Trying To Build Platforms And Ministries By "Thus Saith The Lord" And He Never Spoke To Them To Begin With. I Saw Those Who "Steal His Words From His Neighbor" And Say, "God Said" Jerm 23:30..Terrifying And Grievous...I Have Also Seen What Comes Through The Fire. A Remanent. Pure Prophetic Vessels. His Voice.. They Will Speak What HE IS SAYING, And When They Speak Things Shift, A Psalm 29 Living Reality. They Will VALUE HIM, HIS HEART, HIS VOICE, It Will Be Their Greatest Treasure...This Remanent Has No AGENDA For Themselves, They Will Not Speak For Themselves, Or Use Words Lightly. They Will Have The FEAR OF THE LORD..Only Desire HIS AGENDA. We Have Never Seen This Kind Before. It Is PURE. HOLY. If You Are A Prophet, Wisdom Would Say To Cry Out For The Fear Of The Lord NOW. Fall On The Rock NOW. He Is Jealous Over His Own Words. He Is Jealous Over His Own Words. I Cant Say It Loud Enough... Again, This Is The Whole Church, But Will Specifically Touch The Prophets.. Cry Out Like Isaiah 6:5... Beauty, Glory, And Power Are Coming, And It Is HOLY. GRACE GRACE GRACE!!!

Dream Dec. 13th. 2016

I Was At An Event At Bethel Church In Redding, CA. Heidi Baker Was Speaking, And She Was The Only Speaker Scheduled.. I Saw Some Of The Senior Leadership That I Know From IHOP Sitting On The Front Row....It Was A Packed House!! It Was The Beginning Of The Event And Someone Came Up To The Podium And Began To Pray. It Was The Most Sincere, Short, Heartfelt Prayer, With A Cry, "Holy Spirit We Need You."
I Immediately Felt The Strongest Presence Of God I Have Ever Felt. It Was Like Honey Fire!! It Was So Powerful That It Caused Me To Loudly Shout And Cry, It Was Like The Honey Fire Touched The Deepest Part Of Me And Caused A Deep Intercession. It Was So Powerful... He Was There. ❤️Everyone In The Room Knew He Was There, And In A Way They Has Never Known Before!! #MichelleSeidler

Surrender For New Wine Skin

December 13th

Praying For Us, The Church, Mainly The Leaders... Many Are Not Shifting. They Do Not SEE That The Old Wine Skin Will Not Work Anymore. The Old Is Passing Away, Behold He Is Doing A NEW Thing. You Have To SEE Him To SEE It... In His Kindness He Sends Fire... Embrace The Fire, Meet Him In The Fire.....Do Not Fight HIM! Those Who Have Caught On FIRE Because They Met Him And Surrendered In The Fire, Will Begin To Emerge And Start Fires! Surrender to Him, these things that are happening are Him in your midst!


3 day Encounter From 2011

This is a re-post from the old website last year.

This is transcribed from 3 day encounter i went in and out of in 2011. Many have asked again to see it. Here it is!

In an encounter with the Lord in the late summer of 2011, I

went into a vision and

watched as it began to rain. It was raining all over the planet

and my attention was then

drawn to the raindrops. Each raindrop was huge and it came

straight from the throne of

God and began falling on men and women, believers and unbelievers.

Each raindrop

was the very essence of God, His nature, and at the same time, the

Kingdom of God was

also contained in these raindrops. I was also very aware in

the vision of the spirit of

Wisdom, the wisdom that was with God when He formed the world. Proverbs 8 & Proverbs 3:19

Wisdom was there as a companion to release and bring forth the

things contained in the

raindrops. Each raindrop was the same in its essence,

and when it fell on people it gave

them ideas, almost like light bulbs going off in their minds. Depending on the unique

wiring and gifting of the person the raindrop fell on,

that is how the essence would be

expressed through that person. I saw a raindrop fall on a musician and it released the

very song from the throne of heaven, and there was such anointing on

the song that as it went

forth, it was releasing the very Kingdom itself. I saw a rain drop fall on an artist and the

picture that came forth was the appearance of heaven, but even more than that, the

Kingdom itself was being released through the picture! I saw

raindrops fall on men and

women and innovative ideas and creative genius began springing forth, there were

many inventions released. I kept hearing the word "innovative."

I was aware that many

entrepreneurs would come forth through this release of the rain, However a person was

created and gifted determined what was manifested through the rain

drops, but no matter what way it came forth, it was the Kingdom being birthed

through people. As i was watching this, I also heard the parable of the sower (Mat

thew 13, Mark 4). I knew that not every person would bear fruit from the raindrop. I saw that as the rain fell on the good soil it brought forth much fruit and the Kingdom was birthed. The good soil was the heart that was prepared and able to sustain what the rain

drop released. These prepared vessels came forth out of the place of surrendered partnershipwith Lord, the John 15 place of abiding in Jesus, The True Vine. When the rain fell on others that did not

have surrendered hearts, I watched as unbelief, fear, pride, and

the cares of the world

choked it and the raindrop was wasted and did not bear fruit. I saw that right now (2011) it is

already raining on the earth. It is not a heavy rain but

a light rain. Then I watched as

challenges began to increase caused by the weather, the economy, different issues

related to food, water, wars, personal relationship issues, etc. The troubles were NOT comingbecause God was angry

and punishing anyone. I was aware that the pressures increasing

were the result of the

Kingdom coming forward because men and women were coming into their identities as

sons and daughters of God ( Romans 8).

As a woman who is in labor and about to give birth has

tremendous pressure because new life is ready to come forth from

her, so it is with the earth in this time. The pressure is increasing to bring an increase of the Kingdom of God. I saw that the

enemy is also trying to take advantage of the situation, but

only because of unrepentant

sin. BUT even his schemes eventually only helped to serve the sons and daughters

coming forth into who they are as they rightly responded to

 the pressure by turning to

the Lord and His WAYS. Progressively, I watched the pressure and

challenges on the

planet increase; as the pressure increased so also the rain increaded and came down

harder at the same time. I kept loudly hearing "the earth is groaning for the

manifestation of the sons of God." (Romans 8:22) My attention

was then turned towards a businessman, and I knew He loved Jesus and had been extremelysuccessful according to earthly standards.

 I watched as this Man lost all of his success, and I heard the

Lord say, "They can't build it

the way they've always built it, they have to build it on their knees." I had understanding

that the things that are coming forth from the Father, (the raindrops) cannot be built

through man's way, strategy, plans, strength, or energy. The

only way the raindrop

came forth through people and birthed the Kingdom, was if they

were found abiding in

HIM, and HIS WAY. He also gave me understanding of what His way

looked like; it was as was as if I was being fed with volumes of understanding of this. Most of it was out of John 15 & Matthew 13.

I then watched as literally everything on the earth turned inside-out and upside-down as the

pressure on the earth and the rain came together. It was a transformation that was

happening where the Kingdom was birthed through men and women as the earth was

groaning for the manifestations of the sons of God to come

forth. Specifically this

transformation is related to a time era, the time of the kings and

queens being

positioned on the earth. Right now the Lord is preparing

the kings and queens and it's all

about the heart. It's about having surrendered hearts where we

lay down our agenda

and ways of doing things and we take up His ways for His Kingdom. As I watched the

inside-out upside-down transformation happen, at the same time much wealth was

released through the ideas that came through the raindrops.

No man would have known

these things, this is part of the hidden manna that is reserved for us in this generation; it

is part of our inheritance. There is coming a massive acceleration

in the next few years

of the rain and the Lord is and has been sending an increase of fire to many hearts, this

creates the pressure in their lives that will prepare them for the rain so that they can

receive and birth His very purposes on the earth. This is very intentional!!!

If this is you, be encouraged! He is looking for greater agreement with Him, His nature, and His WAYS,

that you could come forth into the fullness of your inheritance in Him! I saw small

businesses, inventions, new sounds, new art, etc. coming out of the body in a new way

that produced great wealth that would help to usher in the

great harvest. It is the very

Kingdom itself coming forth! The Lord also showed me that right now we were in the

time era of Samuel. Samuel ushered in the time of the kings. As the

Lord is positioning His kings on the earth in this time, those called to be likened unto David and Joseph, etc,

He is also raising up and bringing forth the Samuels who will walk with and counsel the Kings!

Waves Of Glory November 20th 2016

Holy Spirit Suddenly Showed Me Something So Interesting Today.. I Saw A Map Of The USA ( Not Sure If This Will Happen Only In The USA, But I Saw The USA) And I Watched As A Huge Wave Came From The East And Went West, It Washed Over The Entire Nation!! It Was A Wave Of Glory!! It Was Electric Fire! A Wave Of Electric Fire!! But What I Saw As The Wave Hit Was So Interesting. I Saw Awakenings Happening In Churches, Businesses, Schools, Universities, Etc. Everyone Was Touched By His Glory, There Was No Escaping It. The Wave Caused Some In The Church To Rise And Some To Fall, Some Will Go. I Was Reminded Of Acts 5:1... For Those That Fall It Will Be A Time Of Wilderness, A Time Of Discipline Because Of His Great Compassion And Love, They Were Not Prepared, They Were Distracted From Him, And He Wanted Them To Be Prepared For Things Even Later To Come..... The Wave Did What Waves Do, It Came And It Went, It Did Not Stay. I Asked Holy Spirit Why? Why A Wave? He Told Me If The Wave Were To Stay It Would Weaken The Church. He Said This Wave Coming Through Is Meant To Release His Glory, To Touch Our Spirits, To Strengthen Us IN HIM... To Bring Us More In Unity WITH HIM, Because Its CHRIST IN US, The Hope Of Glory- Colossians 1:27... He Is Causing Us To Grow Up IN HIM More... He Does Not Want To Do Anything Apart From Us, But Through Us. He Is A Good Father Bringing Forth MATURE Sons And Daughters Who Walk Like Jesus Walked And Do What Jesus Did, Even Greater Things Than Jesus Did!! Heaven Is Hearing The Groans Of The Land And Is Answering !! Romans 8...I Encourage You Get Ready For This Wave, So You Will Surf And Rise, Not Sink And Fall!!! Draw Near To Him, Take Your Eyes OFF The Natural Things, Set Your Eyes On Things Above, Where He Is!! Colossians 3:2..The Way To Surf Is To Let Go And Cling To Only Him!! ❤️ #MichelleSeidler

Divine Disruption November 17th 2016

There Has Been A Disruption In The Church Because Of This Election, And God Has Done It. Just As In The Time Of Jesus, He, Jesus, Created A Scandal In The "Church" Which Caused MANY To Be Offended. People Did Not SEE God In Their Midst, They Didn't Understand Him Or His Ways. There Was An Awakening Happening In Their Midst. Confrontation Of The Old That Was Bringing In The New. Those Who Did Believe Were Awakened!! They Saw Him, They Followed Him, They Believed!! But Then.....😇 Something Happened That They Didn't Expect. Death. The Disciples Were Depressed, Discouraged, Distraught.Jesus Came On The Scene Disrupted, Brought Truth, Brought Life, Then He Died. It Looked Bad. They Didn't Understand. We Once Again Are Approaching That Time. Jesus Has Created A Scandal, Confrontation, Preparation For The New......
Now The CHURCH Is About To Be Disrupted In A Bigger Way Just As In That Time, The Fullness Of Change. The Church Has Been, But Is About To Go Through Disruption In An Even Greater Way. Jesus Died, And For 3 Days Gone, As He Was Taking The Keys Of Sin And Death. We Are Once Again Approaching That Moment. Where The Church Might Seem Ineffective Almost Like A Backwards, Just As The Disciples Felt. The Norm In The Church WILL NOT WORK Anymore. The Way We Have Done Things And Saw God Move Won't Work Anymore. Some May Not Understand And Become Depressed, Discouraged, Distraught. Some Are Even Going Through This Already, But It Has Not Happened Corporately Yet. BUT, Be Encouraged!!! DO NOT LOOSE HEART!! There Is A RESURRECTION Coming!!!!!! There Is A Baby Coming!!! Just As In That Day, Holy Spirit Is About To Come On The Scene!! There Is An Outpouring Coming And The Bride, The Church, Us, Will Arise In NEW LIFE!! The Prince Will Come, Kiss Sleeping Beauty, And We Will ARISE ❤️Things Will Never Look The Same Again. We Will Never Look The Same Again. Things On Earth Will Never Look The Same Again. "BEHOLD, I Am Doing A NEW Thing! Now It Springs Up, Do You Not Perceive It?" Isaiah 43:19 What An Amazing Time We Live In!! Keep Your Eyes On Him, Do Not Doubt But Believe! Keep Hold Of FAITH! ❤️ #MichelleSeidler #Faith

Gods Mercy And Donald Trump. November 15th 2016

God Will Extend Mercy To Hillary, And Trump Will Be Apart Of It 😇 Don't Be Angry. His Name Is #Mercy..

An Extension Of Mercy For Hillary Clinton, And It Is From The Hand Of God Himself!! And I Encourage You... Hear This..... This Is Very Important For Your Own Personal Life! Matthew 5:7 Says Blessed Are The Merciful For They Shall Obtain Mercy!! James 2:13 Says That Those Who Do Not Show Mercy They Will NOT Receive Mercy! I Don't Know About You, But I Am In Desperate Need For Mercy Consistently!! Wisdom Is Crying Out To Us, "Choose Me, Choose Mercy!" Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment!!! #MichelleSeidler #Mercy



BREAKTHROUGH IN FAITH November 12th 2016

An Encouragement For Many Of You Today.. As I Was Praying This Morning, The Holy Spirit Showed Me That On Earth Right Now, Through People, There Has Been So Much Agreement With Darkness. This Has Allowed Doors To Be Opened To Demons. Because Of This, Many Of You Are Feeling Much Resistance In Your Own Personal Lives, Feeling Like You Are Blocked... You Do Not Need To Stay Blocked!! There Is Breakthrough For You NOW!! Your KEY Is FAITH IN HIM! Set Your
Eyes On Him!! And Then Declare What He Is Saying!! I Was Reminded Of One Of The Words The Lord Gave Me For This Year For His Church... Be Encouraged!! Your Are Growing Strong IN HIM!! There Is A Baby Coming!! 😇 Here Is The Word I Gave:
One Thing We Need To Understand About 2016 Corporately For The Body Is FAITH! He Is Strengthening Our Root System In FAITH, IN Him. The Manifestation Of The Kingdom Is Increasing, And It's Increasing Not Apart From Us But Through US And Seeing That Increase Through Us Is Going To Come By Us Walking In Greater Realms Of FAITH. It May Seem This Next Year That There Are Many Challenges Or Things Seem Hard Or Blocked, Even Things That He Has Said Or Promised To You Personally. I Want To Encourage You To Not Doubt But Believe!!!! Your Faith In WHO He Is In The Hard Place Is What Brings The Breakthrough!! He Is Strengthening Your Faith IN HIM So That There Would Be An Increase Of The Manifestation Of The Kingdom Through You!! He Is Driving Out Unbelief And Calling Forth The Faith Already IN You!! He Is Bringing Us, His Church, Into Greater Maturity This Year By Asking In The Midst Of Circumstances, "Who Do You Say That I Am?" We Want Our Response To Be Like That Of Peter, And The Same Promise Given To Peter Is Also Ours This Year!!! Matthew 16:13-19!!! #MichelleSeidler