Divine Disruption

There Has Been A Disruption In The Church Because Of This Election, And God Has Done It. Just As In The Time Of Jesus, He, Jesus, Created A Scandal In The "Church" Which Caused MANY To Be Offended. People Did Not SEE God In Their Midst, They Didn't Understand Him Or His Ways. There Was An Awakening Happening In Their Midst. Confrontation Of The Old That Was Bringing In The New. Those Who Did Believe Were Awakened!! They Saw Him, They Followed Him, They Believed!! But Then.....😇 Something Happened That They Didn't Expect. Death. The Disciples Were Depressed, Discouraged, Distraught.Jesus Came On The Scene Disrupted, Brought Truth, Brought Life, Then He Died. It Looked Bad. They Didn't Understand. We Once Again Are Approaching That Time. Jesus Has Created A Scandal, Confrontation, Preparation For The New......
Now The CHURCH Is About To Be Disrupted In A Bigger Way Just As In That Time, The Fullness Of Change. The Church Has Been, But Is About To Go Through Disruption In An Even Greater Way. Jesus Died, And For 3 Days Gone, As He Was Taking The Keys Of Sin And Death. We Are Once Again Approaching That Moment. Where The Church Might Seem Ineffective Almost Like A Backwards, Just As The Disciples Felt. The Norm In The Church WILL NOT WORK Anymore. The Way We Have Done Things And Saw God Move Won't Work Anymore. Some May Not Understand And Become Depressed, Discouraged, Distraught. Some Are Even Going Through This Already, But It Has Not Happened Corporately Yet. BUT, Be Encouraged!!! DO NOT LOOSE HEART!! There Is A RESURRECTION Coming!!!!!! There Is A Baby Coming!!! Just As In That Day, Holy Spirit Is About To Come On The Scene!! There Is An Outpouring Coming And The Bride, The Church, Us, Will Arise In NEW LIFE!! The Prince Will Come, Kiss Sleeping Beauty, And We Will ARISE ❤️Things Will Never Look The Same Again. We Will Never Look The Same Again. Things On Earth Will Never Look The Same Again. "BEHOLD, I Am Doing A NEW Thing! Now It Springs Up, Do You Not Perceive It?" Isaiah 43:19 What An Amazing Time We Live In!! Keep Your Eyes On Him, Do Not Doubt But Believe! Keep Hold Of FAITH! ❤️ #MichelleSeidler #Faith

Michelle Seidler