3 day Encounter From 2011

This is a re-post from the old website last year.

This is transcribed from 3 day encounter i went in and out of in 2011. Many have asked again to see it. Here it is!

In an encounter with the Lord in the late summer of 2011, I

went into a vision and

watched as it began to rain. It was raining all over the planet

and my attention was then

drawn to the raindrops. Each raindrop was huge and it came

straight from the throne of

God and began falling on men and women, believers and unbelievers.

Each raindrop

was the very essence of God, His nature, and at the same time, the

Kingdom of God was

also contained in these raindrops. I was also very aware in

the vision of the spirit of

Wisdom, the wisdom that was with God when He formed the world. Proverbs 8 & Proverbs 3:19

Wisdom was there as a companion to release and bring forth the

things contained in the

raindrops. Each raindrop was the same in its essence,

and when it fell on people it gave

them ideas, almost like light bulbs going off in their minds. Depending on the unique

wiring and gifting of the person the raindrop fell on,

that is how the essence would be

expressed through that person. I saw a raindrop fall on a musician and it released the

very song from the throne of heaven, and there was such anointing on

the song that as it went

forth, it was releasing the very Kingdom itself. I saw a rain drop fall on an artist and the

picture that came forth was the appearance of heaven, but even more than that, the

Kingdom itself was being released through the picture! I saw

raindrops fall on men and

women and innovative ideas and creative genius began springing forth, there were

many inventions released. I kept hearing the word "innovative."

I was aware that many

entrepreneurs would come forth through this release of the rain, However a person was

created and gifted determined what was manifested through the rain

drops, but no matter what way it came forth, it was the Kingdom being birthed

through people. As i was watching this, I also heard the parable of the sower (Mat

thew 13, Mark 4). I knew that not every person would bear fruit from the raindrop. I saw that as the rain fell on the good soil it brought forth much fruit and the Kingdom was birthed. The good soil was the heart that was prepared and able to sustain what the rain

drop released. These prepared vessels came forth out of the place of surrendered partnershipwith Lord, the John 15 place of abiding in Jesus, The True Vine. When the rain fell on others that did not

have surrendered hearts, I watched as unbelief, fear, pride, and

the cares of the world

choked it and the raindrop was wasted and did not bear fruit. I saw that right now (2011) it is

already raining on the earth. It is not a heavy rain but

a light rain. Then I watched as

challenges began to increase caused by the weather, the economy, different issues

related to food, water, wars, personal relationship issues, etc. The troubles were NOT comingbecause God was angry

and punishing anyone. I was aware that the pressures increasing

were the result of the

Kingdom coming forward because men and women were coming into their identities as

sons and daughters of God ( Romans 8).

As a woman who is in labor and about to give birth has

tremendous pressure because new life is ready to come forth from

her, so it is with the earth in this time. The pressure is increasing to bring an increase of the Kingdom of God. I saw that the

enemy is also trying to take advantage of the situation, but

only because of unrepentant

sin. BUT even his schemes eventually only helped to serve the sons and daughters

coming forth into who they are as they rightly responded to

 the pressure by turning to

the Lord and His WAYS. Progressively, I watched the pressure and

challenges on the

planet increase; as the pressure increased so also the rain increaded and came down

harder at the same time. I kept loudly hearing "the earth is groaning for the

manifestation of the sons of God." (Romans 8:22) My attention

was then turned towards a businessman, and I knew He loved Jesus and had been extremelysuccessful according to earthly standards.

 I watched as this Man lost all of his success, and I heard the

Lord say, "They can't build it

the way they've always built it, they have to build it on their knees." I had understanding

that the things that are coming forth from the Father, (the raindrops) cannot be built

through man's way, strategy, plans, strength, or energy. The

only way the raindrop

came forth through people and birthed the Kingdom, was if they

were found abiding in

HIM, and HIS WAY. He also gave me understanding of what His way

looked like; it was as was as if I was being fed with volumes of understanding of this. Most of it was out of John 15 & Matthew 13.

I then watched as literally everything on the earth turned inside-out and upside-down as the

pressure on the earth and the rain came together. It was a transformation that was

happening where the Kingdom was birthed through men and women as the earth was

groaning for the manifestations of the sons of God to come

forth. Specifically this

transformation is related to a time era, the time of the kings and

queens being

positioned on the earth. Right now the Lord is preparing

the kings and queens and it's all

about the heart. It's about having surrendered hearts where we

lay down our agenda

and ways of doing things and we take up His ways for His Kingdom. As I watched the

inside-out upside-down transformation happen, at the same time much wealth was

released through the ideas that came through the raindrops.

No man would have known

these things, this is part of the hidden manna that is reserved for us in this generation; it

is part of our inheritance. There is coming a massive acceleration

in the next few years

of the rain and the Lord is and has been sending an increase of fire to many hearts, this

creates the pressure in their lives that will prepare them for the rain so that they can

receive and birth His very purposes on the earth. This is very intentional!!!

If this is you, be encouraged! He is looking for greater agreement with Him, His nature, and His WAYS,

that you could come forth into the fullness of your inheritance in Him! I saw small

businesses, inventions, new sounds, new art, etc. coming out of the body in a new way

that produced great wealth that would help to usher in the

great harvest. It is the very

Kingdom itself coming forth! The Lord also showed me that right now we were in the

time era of Samuel. Samuel ushered in the time of the kings. As the

Lord is positioning His kings on the earth in this time, those called to be likened unto David and Joseph, etc,

He is also raising up and bringing forth the Samuels who will walk with and counsel the Kings!