The Prophets And Holy Fire

In The Last Month I Have Been Visited By The Spirit Of The Lord A Few Times That Has Greatly Troubled Me. I Have Carried It In My Heart And Have Only Shared It With A Few People... Today, The Same Thing Happened Again, He Suddenly Came Upon Me And I Begin To Weep With Deep Groaning, It Is A Heavy Grieving. Then He Began To Speak To Me And Show Me Things That Are So Troubling. With It Comes The Fear Of The Lord, And I Feel I Am In The Atmosphere Of Jeremiah 23 Weeping With Jeremiah.. In This Place He Shows Me There Is A Purifying Fire, A Cleansing Fire, A HOLY Fire Coming To The Church, But Specifically To The Prophets.. This Fire Is Coming And Bringing The Fear Of The Lord With It.. It Is Coming To Purge The FLESH, SELF. The Flesh That Has Disregarded And Dishonored Him By Saying, "Thus Saith The Lord" When He Did Not Speak Jerm 23: 21..Speaking Visions Of Their Own Hearts Jerm23:16.. I Saw How So Many Did Not Know Who They Were And Therefore They Spoke, "Thus Saith The Lord" To Try And Get Attention And Affirmation From Men. I Saw Those Trying To Build Platforms And Ministries By "Thus Saith The Lord" And He Never Spoke To Them To Begin With. I Saw Those Who "Steal His Words From His Neighbor" And Say, "God Said" Jerm 23:30..Terrifying And Grievous...I Have Also Seen What Comes Through The Fire. A Remanent. Pure Prophetic Vessels. His Voice.. They Will Speak What HE IS SAYING, And When They Speak Things Shift, A Psalm 29 Living Reality. They Will VALUE HIM, HIS HEART, HIS VOICE, It Will Be Their Greatest Treasure...This Remanent Has No AGENDA For Themselves, They Will Not Speak For Themselves, Or Use Words Lightly. They Will Have The FEAR OF THE LORD..Only Desire HIS AGENDA. We Have Never Seen This Kind Before. It Is PURE. HOLY. If You Are A Prophet, Wisdom Would Say To Cry Out For The Fear Of The Lord NOW. Fall On The Rock NOW. He Is Jealous Over His Own Words. He Is Jealous Over His Own Words. I Cant Say It Loud Enough... Again, This Is The Whole Church, But Will Specifically Touch The Prophets.. Cry Out Like Isaiah 6:5... Beauty, Glory, And Power Are Coming, And It Is HOLY. GRACE GRACE GRACE!!!