Justice & Malachi 3: 1-5

I Keep Feeling Such Intense Pressure In The Earth. The Land Is Groaning To Shift In A Major Way And We Are Shifting With It. Many Of You Are About To Experience MAJOR Shifts In Your Life. Major Breakthroughs And Major Breaking- Through! Like A Baby Coming Through The Birth Canal!! A NEW PLACE! A NEW GLORY! Justice Has Been The Prominent Theme That I Keep Hearing With These Shifts!! It Is The Great And Terrible At The Same Time!! JUSTICE! The Gavel Comes Down On ALL Unrighteousness!! Not Only Injustice That Has Happened To Us But Also IN US.. AND In Our Nation...!! Light Is Increasing- Glory Is Increasing! What Can Dwell In His GLORY??!! MALACHI 3:1-5... Come Jesus!!! Send Your Glory!! #MichelleSeidler#Justice #Glory #Shift