Word given on July 10th 2018

Jesus Has Been Speaking To Me About England The Last Few Days... She Needs Our Prayers Right Now..!! There Is Such Warfare Over The Destiny Of That Nation... England Is In The Same Place The USA Was Right Before The Election Of Trump.. But We Advanced And Shifted Into Alignment, That Shift Set Us On A Righteous Course.. England Is Stuck In Warfare Right Now, Unable To Move. The Baby Is Stuck In The Womb.. Speak Life And Destiny Over Her! It Will Help Her! I Don’t Know How The Government Works There But I Believe Theresa May Will Be Forced Out And Then The Baby Will Move And Shift! AND It Will Shift Quickly!!!! Pray For England! She Wants To Choose Jesus! Her Land Longs For The Manifestation Of The Kingdom, And Is Groaning!! Stand With Jesus And Stand With The Destiny Of England, And Declare LIFE And Alignment! Call That Baby To Come Forth!! AND We Also Speak Life And Bless The BeLOVED USA!!