Breakthrough Sessions

Do you feel stuck and in need of a breakthrough?

Do you need understanding on what the Lord is doing and need to connect with His perspective in this season of your life?

Schedule your Breakthrough Session with Michelle or one of her trained team members.

Gain insight on how the Lord working in your life, receive understanding, and get practical wisdom keys to help you move forward in God.

Breakthrough sessions are a uniquely designed one-hour phone call that provides insight on how you can advance.

All call are recorded for your convenience.



"I came to this ministry in one of the hardest seasons of my life- It was a total divine appointment! Michelle has a biblical perspective on going thru trials, It was eye opening for me that in my wilderness God truly had a plan to take me higher in my calling in Him. I also love Michelle's heart on adoration it was exactly what my spirit needed during that time (and always). I am out of my "winter" season and I can say thanks to this ministry I am so thankful for the winter season! I grew so much and the Lord imparted so many truths to me that I am so grateful for!! Thank you Michelle you are an awesome women of God and you have a message that the body of Christ needs!!"

Leah. Missouri


“A Breakthrough Session with Michelle Seidler is more than just someone praying for you. After my appointment I experienced a series of dramatic shifts and advancement in multiple areas of my life. I received clarity in a number of areas and discovered new keys to greater fulfill my call and purpose. It was transformational!”

Raimone. California


Our Breakthrough Session with Michelle came during a strategic season for our ministry when we were experiencing fruit and many open doors in some areas, while feeling stuck in other areas. Michelle helped us to see what the Lord was doing in us personally and as a ministry in that season, and how we could rightly respond to God so that we could advance into everything He had for us. We gained a greater ability to see our circumstances from God’s perspective. We also began to understand more of the Lord’s WAYS—of how He was leading, growing, pruning and bringing us forth. We are so thankful for how the Lord used Michelle to help us navigate that season of ministry!

Gregg & Shelley Dedrick, Iron Bell Ministries. Kentucky


“After my wife and I experienced our Breakthrough Session, we gave my mother one as a gift!  She thought her Breakthrough Session was fantastic, and was finally able to implement some things in her life that we had been talking about for over three years! If that isn’t breakthrough, I’m not sure what is!”

Bob. Missouri