Monthly Prophetic Coaching


Michelle Seidler offers a unique brand of prophetic coaching for leaders, as well emerging leaders, in all areas: entrepreneurship, finance, government, entertainment, business, education and ministry. 

Through the coaching relationship, you’ll gain an understanding of the season you are in, what God is doing and how to respond practically to Him.  As a result of this understanding, you’ll be equipped to advance into the inheritance and destiny God has for you.

Michelle works as a prophetic coach and advisor to men and women around the globe in various industry sectors—from entertainment, media, and finance, to ministry and government, including leaders who influence millions of people.  Her ability to impart strategic insight to key leaders has brought perspective and empowerment to build their lives and organizations confidently in partnership with God by understanding what He is doing and saying in their current season.

Along with the coaching component, Michelle has a team of people that have been through School Of The Seer's prophetic and prayer training that serve with Her. Those who come into partnership with Michelle on a monthly basis have a team covering them in prayer on a continual basis as well as the coaching calls. The prayer team is inquiring of Lord, asking Him what he is saying, doing, and releasing that in the place of prayer. Audio clips of prayer are sent to you weekly through a secure online site.


The tribe of Issachar had understanding of the times and were wise to know what Israel should do...

Benefits of  Prophetic Coaching


·      Learn how to advance by discerning God’s voice and walk out your prophetic words

·      Gain the Lord’s perspective on trials, decisions and circumstances, which brings His wisdom and peace

·      Understand what season you’re in, what God is saying and doing in your season, and how to practically respond to Him

·      Learn how to receive your Kingdom Inheritance and walk it out in intimate partnership with God

·      Become empowered to develop a deeper relationship with the Lord that leads to a lifestyle of hearing His voice


Hear the Experiences of Others...


Tax Pro Marketer

“Michelle’s coaching and prayer team have been an integral part of our journey, in our roles as parents, writers and business leaders. The encouragement, love and insight we receive from her has helped launch us into new arenas of intimacy and faith, and has strengthened our often-weak arms for the different steps we have taken in our family and professional roles. We cannot more cheerfully recommend that those with a desire to know Jesus more deeply would include Michelle Seidler’s coaching in their support structure."

Nate Haggerty, CEO


Franklin Templeton Investments

Our season with Michelle and her team has been incredible.  As a business leader, desiring to bless and show the goodness of God in the marketplace, it can be a lonely trek. Since our partnership with Michelle we felt the love of the Lord and experienced His thoughts toward us and the work of our hands.  Michelle and her team would regularly bless us through partnering prayer, submitting anything they felt they were sensing from the Lord, and reminding us of who He was in each situation.  Frequently throughout these years my wife and I have been amazed at how timely and relevant their encouragement from the Lord was and we can see that our company's vision has become more clear and purpose

Grace Church Kansas City

“It’s like life has come back into me and into the church I pastor, and I just want to thank you so much. It has shifted my life completely.  This has also shifted the hearts and the minds of the people in the church as well. What you are doing here in this room or wherever you are doing it is saving people’s lives.  It has and is impacting my destiny and all God has for me. I know you have people all over the world, but what you’ve done for me is just priceless.  It saved me when I was just feeling like I just need to retire and go do something different – so I’m very grateful and can’t thank you enough!”

Sherri Fuller, Pastor


Plexus Software

"In 2011, our company was in a very difficult place...on the verge of collapse after 12 years of non-stop development of our software product.  We had to surrender it all to the Lord and walk away from it.  When we did, the Lord miraculously gave it back to us and (at the last minute!) brought forth the help we needed to begin the process of turning it right side up.  One of those key helps was Him connecting us with Michelle in 2012.

Eric Simon


Mercer Group

Working with Michelle has been rewarding both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend ... prayer coverage for any marketplace person, but for entrepreneurs who feel a call to build a benevolence empire, it is invaluable... The emails and postings from the team members have encouraged me at strategic times to overcome challenges. They have been accurate and timely. This team has caused an acceleration in my partnering with the Lord in every area of my life.

Patti Mercer


PolySealant Technologies

Because of my coaching relationship with Michelle Seidler, heaven is finally starting to come to earth for me after almost 10 years of working to bring our new sealant technology to earth!  I would not have made it through this year without her team!”

Bill Collins

Prophetic Coaching Details


· Monthly calls with Michelle

· Unlimited direct email access

· Access to periodic strategic prophetic insights, released to you via audio file

· A dedicated prayer team to cover you in regular, focused prayer

· Unlimited email access to your prayer team to communicate prayer requests

· Audio files throughout the week from your prayer team


Application Process

If you are interested in prophetic coaching please fill out the application below. Michelle will contact you within 2 business days to schedule a phone call or a Skype call if you are international.

As we are limited to the number of people we can work with, we prayerfully consider every person and firm.

Thank you for your interest!

Monthly Donation for Coaching