Kasey Seidler 

Director of Business prayer,

Assistant to Michelle Seidler,

Teacher, Intercessor

From Orlando, Florida. 

Kasey has recently moved back to Orlando, Fl. after attending Bethel's School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California. Kasey's heart and passion is for the nature of God as our merciful and gracious Father would be fully known, and that we would be transformed by its truth. 

Kasey longs to see Earth look like Heaven, in every sphere of influence— that our ways would be His, specifically in the business sphere. She is a business owner and building business with God is exciting and life-giving for her. 


Katie Zaharias

School Of The Seers Administrator


From Jacksonville, Florida.

Katie is a proud mother of four, and a business owner.  Her primary passion is the church and to come along side families to see them grow. She loves to see individuals step into wholeness both personally and relationally through the revelation of Jesus Christ and learn to partner with Him as ones that are uniquely designed, gifted, and loved.  

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Suzanne McWhirter

Worship leader, intercessoR

From Louisville, Kentucky.

Suzanne have a deep desire to see the church awaken to the reality of God’s presence and love surrounding them...to encounter and truly know His heart and character. She also longs to see all people come into who they are in Him and walk in true freedom. 


Mason King

Teacher, Intercessor 

From Redding, California.

Before attending all three years of Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California, Mason graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Spanish from the University of Kentucky. He longs to see the Bride equipped throughout the nations of the world. Mason's heart burns to see revival fire move unto societal transformation and reformation. His desire is to impact the government spere, to see prophecies become policies that lead both the United States and nations of the world into the manifest wisdom of God. 


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Sarah Gavriela

Teacher, Intercessor

From Oxford, England.

Sarah is a business owner and has a passion for entrepreneurs in the business sphere, especially women in business. Sarah longs to see believers move out of a spirit of lack into God’s full abundance, in partnership with Jesus for Kingdom transformation. 


Joel Dobbins

Worship Leader, Intercessor 

From Liverpool, England.

After attending Bethel's School of Supernatural Ministry Joel moved back to Liverpool, England. His heart is for the church to come into a greater revelation of the Fathers heart, that we would know His grace and compassion towards us. Through that, we would learn to walk as Jesus walked.  Joel's call and passion is to see a healthy church, which expands into every aspect of life - physical, emotional, spiritual, work, and family. Joel has witnessed the power of Gods presence and healing in a life changing ways, this experience has given him a burning desire to continue to see people encounter the supernatural healing power of Jesus. Joel is currently making plans to move to Orlando to help build ministry with Michelle.


Katie Baldwin

Prophetic Artist, Intercessor 

From Lexington, Kentucky.

Katie has been married 36 years and share in the lives of her 5 adult children, their spouses, and five grandchildren. Katie is a prophetic artist and she pursues within prophetic art to empower and encourage the lost and broken, and to bring smiles of hope. Using bold colors and dynamic words that reveal the power of God, Katie wants to see the sphere of arts and entertainment impacted for Gods glory. 


Joshua Bruton

Media & Marketing

From Kansas City, Missouri.

Joshua is a part of the International House Of Prayer community in Kansas City and is responsible for media including our podcasts, marketing, and our website.

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