What Do You See?

When Light and Glory Increases It Always Confronts And Exposes Darkness, It Can Certainly Be Messy And Seem Traumatic As It Dispossess, Or Should I Say, As He Dispossess...... Selah😇 We Move Forward From Glory To Glory, 2 Corin3:18... The Earth/ Land Even Moves From Glory To Glory In Rhythm With Us, As We BEHOLD And SEE God, Romans 8: 20-23... Just As Baby In A Mothers Womb Moves From One Glory Into Another Through Delivery And Birth, So Do We On Our Journey Here.... The Earth ( The Land ), The Church, You, Me, We Are All Going Through Labor Pains Right Now!! We Are In Delivery!!! We Are Entering Into Another Realm Of Glory!! And Why?? Because Of The Increase Of Light!! We Are Growing In The Knowledge Of God Corporately!! The Kingdom Is Advancing On Earth Through Us!! So, Here Is My Question, What Do You SEE??? What Is Your Narrative?? When A Woman Is In Labor You Could Say, Oh My Goodness How Troubling!! What Trouble, What Pain, What Trauma!! This Is Horrible!! Or, You Can Rejoice Because You Know A Baby Is Coming!! What Do You SEE?? John 16:33... Do You SEE A Baby Or Do You See Trouble?? What You SEE Is Directly Related To WHO You Believe God Is.... Who Do You Say He Is??