The Elections and The Prophets

I Have Been Watching, Pondering, And Being Taught, Regarding The Mystery Of Something Lately.. There Are Some Who Are Prophets/ Prophetic Ministries, But Are Not Speaking Because Of Fear
And Intimidation Though They May Not Even Know It. Then There Are Those Who Are Prophetic Voices That Are Prophesying And I Hear The Response Of Many Saying, " Be Quiet! You Should Not Be Speaking!" Or "We Don't Want To Listen To You Try To Manipulate Us!" And On And On.... One Thing I Have Come To Know. Jesus Is In Our Midst, The Kingdom Of God Has Come Near Us, And Not Much Has Changed Regarding The Prophets Since Jesus, The Prophet, Walked The Earth In Flesh. The Mystery Of Him, Truth, And Blindness... John 12:35-50 & Isaiah 6... I Pray, Jesus, Heal My Eyes That I May SEE You!!