Breakthrough in Faith

An Encouragement For Many Of You Today.. As I Was Praying This Morning, The Holy Spirit Showed Me That On Earth Right Now, Through People, There Has Been So Much Agreement With Darkness. This Has Allowed Doors To Be Opened To Demons. Because Of This, Many Of You Are Feeling Much Resistance In Your Own Personal Lives, Feeling Like You Are Blocked... You Do Not Need To Stay Blocked!! There Is Breakthrough For You NOW!! Your KEY Is FAITH IN HIM! Set Your Eyes On Him!! And Then Declare What He Is Saying!! I Was Reminded Of One Of The Words The Lord Gave Me For This Year For His Church... Be Encouraged!! Your Are Growing Strong IN HIM!! There Is A Baby Coming!! 😇 Here Is The Word I Gave:
One Thing We Need To Understand About 2016 Corporately For The Body Is FAITH! He Is Strengthening Our Root System In FAITH, IN Him. The Manifestation Of The Kingdom Is Increasing, And It's Increasing Not Apart From Us But Through US And Seeing That Increase Through Us Is Going To Come By Us Walking In Greater Realms Of FAITH. It May Seem This Next Year That There Are Many Challenges Or Things Seem Hard Or Blocked, Even Things That He Has Said Or Promised To You Personally. I Want To Encourage You To Not Doubt But Believe!!!! Your Faith In WHO He Is In The Hard Place Is What Brings The Breakthrough!! He Is Strengthening Your Faith IN HIM So That There Would Be An Increase Of The Manifestation Of The Kingdom Through You!! He Is Driving Out Unbelief And Calling Forth The Faith Already IN You!! He Is Bringing Us, His Church, Into Greater Maturity This Year By Asking In The Midst Of Circumstances, "Who Do You Say That I Am?" We Want Our Response To Be Like That Of Peter, And The Same Promise Given To Peter Is Also Ours This Year!!! Matthew 16:13-19!!!