Waves of Glory

Holy Spirit Suddenly Showed Me Something So Interesting Today.. I Saw A Map Of The USA ( Not Sure If This Will Happen Only In The USA, But I Saw The USA) And I Watched As A Huge Wave Came From The East And Went West, It Washed Over The Entire Nation!! It Was A Wave Of Glory!! It Was Electric Fire! A Wave Of Electric Fire!! But What I Saw As The Wave Hit Was So Interesting. I Saw Awakenings Happening In Churches, Businesses, Schools, Universities, Etc. Everyone Was Touched By His Glory, There Was No Escaping It. The Wave Caused Some In The Church To Rise And Some To Fall, Some Will Go. I Was Reminded Of Acts 5:1... For Those That Fall It Will Be A Time Of Wilderness, A Time Of Discipline Because Of His Great Compassion And Love, They Were Not Prepared, They Were Distracted From Him, And He Wanted Them To Be Prepared For Things Even Later To Come..... The Wave Did What Waves Do, It Came And It Went, It Did Not Stay. I Asked Holy Spirit Why? Why A Wave? He Told Me If The Wave Were To Stay It Would Weaken The Church. He Said This Wave Coming Through Is Meant To Release His Glory, To Touch Our Spirits, To Strengthen Us IN HIM... To Bring Us More In Unity WITH HIM, Because Its CHRIST IN US, The Hope Of Glory- Colossians 1:27... He Is Causing Us To Grow Up IN HIM More... He Does Not Want To Do Anything Apart From Us, But Through Us. He Is A Good Father Bringing Forth MATURE Sons And Daughters Who Walk Like Jesus Walked And Do What Jesus Did, Even Greater Things Than Jesus Did!! Heaven Is Hearing The Groans Of The Land And Is Answering !! Romans 8...I Encourage You Get Ready For This Wave, So You Will Surf And Rise, Not Sink And Fall!!! Draw Near To Him, Take Your Eyes OFF The Natural Things, Set Your Eyes On Things Above, Where He Is!! Colossians 3:2..The Way To Surf Is To Let Go And Cling To Only Him!!