General Election & Donald Trump

Donald Trump Is Gods Choice!!!! The World Will See The Merciful, Kind Heart Of Trump ASAP....Mercy.
And, I Do Want To Encourage You With Something.... There Will Be An Even Greater Disruption. It Will Seem As Though Things Will Get Really Bad In Many Different Areas .. But Do NOT Fear!! A Shift Has Begun But Has Not Completely Turned. The Baby's Head Is Down And Coming Through The Birth Canal But Is Not Here Yet!!! Trust Jesus, Trust His Ways!! Alignment Is Coming, But It Will Take Some Time As The LAND, People, And Some Other Things Move Into Place..Continue To Look At Him, And TRUST! When The Shift Is Complete There Will Be Amazing Refreshing Rain, Blessing And Increase In Many Ways!! His Government On Earth Is Manifesting In Increase Ways!! The Church Will Also Have A New Structure And New Leaders Are Coming Forward!! #Trust TRUST TRUST Him!! And Remember He Is Your Supply Line!! Declare That All Your Fountains Are In Him!! He Loves Us!!