Dream, December 13, 2016

I Was At An Event At Bethel Church In Redding, CA. Heidi Baker Was Speaking, And She Was The Only Speaker Scheduled.. I Saw Some Of The Senior Leadership That I Know From IHOP Sitting On The Front Row....It Was A Packed House!! It Was The Beginning Of The Event And Someone Came Up To The Podium And Began To Pray. It Was The Most Sincere, Short, Heartfelt Prayer, With A Cry, "Holy Spirit We Need You."
I Immediately Felt The Strongest Presence Of God I Have Ever Felt. It Was Like Honey Fire!! It Was So Powerful That It Caused Me To Loudly Shout And Cry, It Was Like The Honey Fire Touched The Deepest Part Of Me And Caused A Deep Intercession. It Was So Powerful... He Was There. ❤️Everyone In The Room Knew He Was There, And In A Way They Has Never Known Before!!