2018 Prophecy

There is much that Jesus is doing, and this post is specifically sharing one thing that He has shared with me about the church body. I have shared in previous months in social media posts and videos, as well as on this blog regarding portions of what I will to share in depth about here. I hope to write more about what I see and about what He is doing in our nation soon…

I have seen Jesus riding on a horse, with such passion and zeal in His eyes, and I knew it was tied to Psalm 45. As I watched Him, I heard His voice with all of Heaven singing Psalm 45 and Isaiah 62 back and forth.

Justice is in His heart!

For more understanding, I encourage you to watch the video I did in October 2018.

We are going to see a greater manifestation of this justice individually and corporately as a body; I believe that the manifestation of this started in October 2017.

This manifestation of justice started with uncovering hidden things, specifically regarding the injustice against women, who prophetically represent the corporate church. This will continue, but we will begin to see things move into a different manifestations of justice.

Jesus told me He was “rolling it all up”, and I saw as He reached back 10 years and grabbed the end of a scroll of all injustice and He began to pull it forward in time, and roll it up! After He rolled it up, I watched as He forcefully slammed the gavel!


As I watched, it was very interesting to me because justice came on the righteous and the unrighteous; the manifestation of justice looked different for different people, and in different areas of our lives. For some it may look like further tearing down, and for some building up— either way there is going to be fruit. We will see both manifestions at the same time, simultaneously— one area of great tearing down, one area of great growth.

It’s the great and the terrible, but it is ALL justice wrapped in mercy!

Let Me Explain...

2017 was a season of pruning, letting go, surrender, cleansing, and repentance, and what that looked like for each person was different. To the degree we gave ourselves to surrender— those area are where we will see the manifestation of justice. To those who resisted the previous season, justice will look like further tearing down and loss. This tearing down and loss is His mercy because He is so committed to bring us forward into this greater glory that is coming. Removal Is Necessary. To those who gave themselves to be pruned, cleansed, and they let go and surrendered— there will be the manifestation of NEW FRUIT! There will be a NEW MANIFESTATION of GLORY in those areas, and these are answers to many prayers; justice is paving the way for greater glory.
This justice is against EVERYTHING that has and is holding us back from advancing into every good thing that He has for us, individually and corporately; that we would come into greater works and greater glory that the earth and Jesus are groaning for.

Glory demands transformation. When Glory increases, there can be no middle ground.

Glory separates the light from dark, even on the inside of us; It will confront our motives and agendas. Pure motives and agendas will bring forth fruit for the Kingdom, in-pure motives and agenda will come into more purifying fire... This is Justice!

He is zealous to remove everything that hinders HIM in our lives, and on the earth, and it is Christ in us the Hope of Glory!! 

God has also shown me a soon coming time where specific leaders, those with well-established voices, including prophetic leaders in the Church, as well as leaders of nations, pass away and go on into glory. This is all making room, and is paving the way for the new waves of coming glory!

There is coming a new sound and a new voice; the purified bride is awakening and finding her voice!!