Prayer For Our Nation

We Have Been And Still Are In A Season Of Intense Warfare. We Really Need To Be Praying For Our Nation And Neil Gorsuch Right Now. Pray For His Protection And For His Confirmation! This Is About So Much More Than A Man. There Is Still A War Over Our Nation Shifting Into The New Place. This One Confirmation Is A Huge Key To Things Locking Into Place! Our Nation Is In Labor. As Midwives Let Us Having Understanding And Insight, And With Understanding And Insight War With The Prophetic Declaration!! Use Words! War With Words, His Words!! It Is Not The Time For Revival, It Is The Time For War. If We Do Not Understand That And We Just Keep Talking About Revival, And Focused On Revival We Miss The Time. Trump Coming Into Office Was The Breaking Open Not The Fullness! The Earth Is Groaning, Let Us Groan Together In Agreement With The Spirit Of God.