Real Estate, Land, and Investments

Holy Spirit Told Me Today That The Government Is Going To Give Amazing Incentives AND Make It Easier To Buy A House In The Days To Come. Not Sure Of The Details, Except For Some Kind Of Deals Made With The Government And Banks, As Well
As Other Things... I Saw A Major Surge In The Housing Market In About 2 Years!! Also Saw Major Incentives For New Small Businesses And There Would Be Some Kind Of Support That Would Help People Who Did Not Even Know How To Start A Business, One Being Education, Free Classes... I Also Saw Major Trade Agreements With Israel. This Will Also Cause A Boom In Israels Economy, Many Small Businesses Will Spring Up There That Will Also Somehow Benefit The USA Too! Before These Things Happen, Other Things With The Nations Will Happen That Could Look Bad, And Cause Some To Fear, But FEAR NOT, Its Just An Adjustment That Is Bringing Greater Alignment!! If Any Of This Resonates With You, I Encourage You To Prepare Now And Be Ahead Of The Game!! Take Your Classes, Or Whatever He Shows You What Being Prepared Looks Like For You :) Ask Him How To Prepare For The Things That Are Coming! In The Days Ahead There Will Be Much Talk About Real Estate, Land, And Small Business!! I See A Time Of SO Much Excitement And HOPE.. It's Time To Dream With Holy Spirit