Woman's March 2017

This women's march is a counterfeit movement! This is the enemy attempting to raise up a counterfeit model to what God is doing, and what is soon to happen!

We are in a new era.

In agreement with Heaven, this new political administration will cause women to rise and come forth into their rightful positions of honor like never before! Women will go through doors of opportunity that they have never been through before. Women are being given a voice where they have not had a voice. Their voices will be heard in churches, government, media, business, and through so many more platforms.

I have said this for months: President Trump will be a champion for women in a way we have NEVER SEEN in a leader!
This is a prophetic picture of the church coming into her rightful place as the bride of Christ. The church is getting her voice back, and being invited into positions of leadership that she has not been in before! This war is against the church and against Jesus— This women’s movement in the world is a prophetic picture of the church!

As an American woman, I stand in the gap for our nation.

Agree with me in this prayer:

“Father Forgive Us, Have Mercy On Our Ignorance. This Women's March Is A Disgrace And We Do Not Agree With It! Forgive Us For Agreeing With The Enemy And Responding In Rebellion. Have Mercy On Us! Father, I Thank You That You Are Raising Up Women In This Hour, Just As You Are Raising Up The Corporate Bride Of Jesus!! Thank You For Raising Up Women Of Honor, Those Who Love You And Agree With You And Your Ways! I Declare This False Women's Movement Will Not Prosper! We As Women Of God Reject You Satan!!! We Reject Your False Plans And Declare Death To All Your Schemes!! We Agree With YOU Father, We Declare This False Women's Movement Will Not Prosper!! We Call Forth The TRUE Rise Of Honorable Women, Come And Take Your Place And Declare The Name Of Jesus!! Women, As A Prophetic Picture Of The Corporate Church Rise Up!! Come Into Place!! Open Your Mouth For TRUE Justice And Righteousness!! Judge Righteously, Plead The Cause For The Poor And Needy!! I Declare As Women, Strength And Honor Are Our Clothing, We Open Our Mouth With Wisdom And On Our Tongue Is The Law Of Kindness!! We Reject Any Other Clothing, We Reject This Foolishness And Declare We Are Women That Have The Fear The Lord!! Proverbs 31.. Amen!!”