Honor Restored To Holy Spirit & Word for the Education Mountain

The Father is restoring honor to Holy Spirit, He’s putting the church’s attention on honoring Holy Spirit! I see fire, a burning fire; Holy Spirit is manifesting as fire. He is the Spirit of Truth and Fire that brings repentance.

People will turn to Truth, they will turn to Holy Spirit under such an intense conviction. I see stadiums full of people literally burning, screaming, and weeping under the fire, truth, and conviction of the Holy Spirit. 

I see this fire and conviction manifesting in universities and high schools— There is a fire coming to the universities and high schools!

It is the same thing I saw when I had my encounter regarding Trump, which you can read about on my previous post from 2015:

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The next move of the Justice of God that we are going to see is in the education mountain. 

I see the gavel, the anger of The Lord against the education mountain, the realm of education. There is a spirit that has come to take the next generation, and I can hear the gavel— His justice, His anger, His wrath with the demonic that has come into the education mountain to steal the seed, and it’s not going to happen!

We are going to see revivalists come from the education mountain! 

I see 20 year-old holiness preachers coming out of the universities, and the universities are going to get rocked!! The message they are preaching is about truth— It’s all about TRUTH and holiness!

Honor is being restored and attention is being restored to Holy Spirit, where there has been dishonor there is going to be honor.

There is also something about the books— Satan is trying to push his agenda into the education mountain through the books. I see that the enemy is trying  to rewrite the books, rewrite history in some way that changes the narrative— It’s all lies!! They want to change the narrative to set the stage to implement new laws that are from hell, but I see that it will not happen!!

There’s going to be warfare over it but it’s not going to happen! 

It won’t happen because of the voices that are going to arise, it’s a remnant that is like one in the midst of 500– I see 500 students and there’s one that rises and becomes so loud and it brings the earthquake! It’s the remnant, the Gideon’s!

I see that this fire coming is going to remove many leaders in the church. 

Revival is coming but it’s not coming the way many think that it’s coming. I see many leaders and they have been stubborn against The Lord, and they are being moved out of the way. 

It’s like they are plugs that have been plugging something up in the body— Some leaders are plugging the pipes, and it’s hindering the move of Holy Spirit. 

These leaders are being removed because they are clogging the pipes because of much fear and self preservation; there is fear of man in some of the leaders. They are afraid to speak the truth of what they know, hear, and see. They’re people-pleasing and man-pleasing and they care more about the opinions of people and how it will effect them versus fearing and revering the voice of God. 

I’m hearing the Lord say that these leaders care more about the opinions of “their” people, they care more about keeping “their” people, “their” flock.

It’s clogging the pipes and hindering the Spirit of God because they do not speak Truth, but it will not continue to do so!! 

God is wanting to move, He wants to move through those pipes and He’s going to remove all that hinders and blocks! 

I see The Lord moving them out of the way and I see a new breed coming up out of the body of Christ!

I am reminded of what i saw when billy graham died, February 21, 2018:

“What a seed Bill Graham was, and what seed he has sown! BUT the greatest of all is the seed of his life that now goes into the ground— that seed will multiply; It will multiply a new bread of fruitful prophets! But not yet. There is more seed yet to go into the ground this year... But when the set amount is sown they will spring up quickly! This seed will manifest the HOLY FEAR OF THE LORD— They will have NO fear of man! NO religious arguments from the church or the world will touch them. They will not be moved because the love of Jesus is their greatest reward. They have the purest of eyes and desire to do His word alone, AND they will have His power in their mouths!! Nothing can tame them! They are called to tear down and call forth!! YES, I said tear down! And it is HOLY BEAUTY, PURE LOVE for the man Jesus... Oh Billy Graham you have sown Well!”

There are new voices we are going to hear popping, popping, popping up! 

It’s beautiful, even though the Lord removes these leaders, this new breed rising up will have honor. They will honor the previous leaders. They will honor Holy Spirit and have a Holy Fear of The Lord.

This new breed will have hearts that will be turned towards the fathers and the mothers, and will honor them! It’s the spirit of Elijah!

Jesus is scanning the globe, and He is searching the field to see who is ripe. Whom of his people are ripe? Who is ready?

He is searching In all arenas, in all of the mountains.

He is looking and asking— Where is it ripe? Where is the fruit ripe? In a way, it’s on us to be ripe; it’s the Bride who makes herself ready. 

Is your lamp trimmed? Do you have oil? Are you ripe to be picked by Him?

We need to be a people who are ready.

There is an invitation NOW for greater consecration! We need to consecrate ourselves and cry out, “here i am Lord, send me!”