School of The Seers


School of The Seers Internship is a year-long program designed to help grow you in the prophetic by serving leaders in the body of Christ. You will be equipped go deep in the place of intimacy with Jesus, and from that place learn to inquire of Him, and practice prophetic declaration. Your mentor will help you navigate and develop what you are seeing and hearing, and what to do with it. This program will also include foundational teaching from School of The Seers, as well as assignments and activation’s.

This program will begin August 1, 2019, will require approximately 10 hours a week, and a minimum year commitment. Cost is $295 for the year. Deadline to apply is July 18, 2019.

If you desire to give yourself to a season of intentional growth in your prophetic gifts, we invite you to submit your application for consideration below.

Once we receive your application someone will contact you within 48 hours to schedule an interview.

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