Monthly Coaching Partnership Information

Our Vision: Build His Kingdom
The Lord has a plan and blueprint for every person, business, city, and nation that exists, and there is a specific inheritance that has been given for each one. Jesus is our primary inheritance, but IN HIM we have also obtained
an inheritance.
Through this coaching relationship, you will gain an understanding of the season you are currently in, what God is doing, and how to respond practically to Him. As a result of this understanding, you will be equipped to
advance into the inheritance and destiny God has for you.

Details: How it Works
Michelle offers a unique brand of coaching for leaders, as well emerging leaders, in all areas: entrepreneurship, finance, government, entertainment, business, education and ministry.
Michelle and Kasey work as coaches and advisors to men and women around the globe in various industry sectors—from entertainment, media, and finance, to ministry and government, including leaders who influence millions of people.

Their abilities to impart strategic insight to key leaders has brought perspective and empowerment to build their lives and organizations confidently in partnership with God by understanding what He is doing and saying in their current season.

Along with the coaching component, Michelle has a team of people that have been through School Of The Seer's prophetic and prayer training that serve with Her. Those who come into partnership with Michelle or Kasey on a monthly basis have a team covering them in prayer on a continual basis, as well as the coaching calls. The prayer team is inquiring of Lord, asking Him what he is saying, doing, and releasing that in the place of prayer. Audio clips of prayer are sent to you weekly through a secure online site.

Benefits: What You Will Gain
· Learn how to advance by discerning God’s voice and walk out your prophetic words.
· Gain the Lord’s perspective on trials, decisions and circumstances, which brings His wisdom and peace.
· Understand what season you’re in, what God is saying and doing in your season, and how to practically respond to Him.
· Learn how to receive your Kingdom Inheritance and walk it out in intimate partnership with God.
· Become empowered to develop a deeper relationship with the Lord that leads to a lifestyle of hearing His voice.
· Support from a seasoned team of people, who are praying and interceding for God’s plans and purposes to come forth in your life.

Details: What is Included

· Recorded coaching calls with Michelle or Kasey, once a month.
· Unlimited access to Michelle or Kasey throughout the month to gain input and discernment.
· Encrypted, private, and confidential online communication platform.
· Access to periodic strategic prophetic insights, released to you via audio file.
· A dedicated prayer team consisting of at least two people to cover you in regular, focused
prayer; who are spending dedicated time inquiring for you and asking God what He is doing and saying in your life currently.
· Unlimited access to your prayer team to communicate prayer requests via online communication
· At least two audio files throughout the week from your prayer team. These audio files consist of declarations from your team, where they are agreeing in prayer with what God is doing and saying, and releasing it over you.

Monthly Recommended Donation Range: $700 - $1,200
* We do not have any sort of contract. If ever you decide to cancel partnership with us, we
simply ask for thirty-days notice.