Building Kingdom

The Lord has a plan and blueprint for every person, business, city, and nation that exists, and there is a specific inheritance that has been given for each one. Jesus is our primary inheritance, but IN HIM we have also obtained an inheritance.


Michelle's approach to consulting is rarely found in the marketplace today. Many coaches offer 5-10 step programs focused on principles and action items, but Michelle creates a customized program that specifically focuses on the vision and plan that The Lord has for you and for your organization. She is known for not only seeing the inheritance the Lord has for companies but also understanding the specific season companies are in, what God is doing, and how to respond to him now.

After a phone conversation with you to discuss your needs in detail, Michelle then takes your information into the place of prayer to seek The Lord about what He is saying and doing.

Programs can range anywhere from 1-3 days and are be designed to work with either the Founder/CEO alone, small leadership teams, or large teams.

Ready to get started? Fill out the application below, and a member of our team will email you to schedule phone call where we will discuss and customize your package with you.



Iron Bell Ministries || Gregg & Shelley Dedrick, founders

“Michelle came during a strategic season for our ministry when we were experiencing fruit and many open doors in some areas, while feeling stuck in other areas. Michelle helped us to see what the Lord was doing in us personally and as a ministry in that season, and how we could rightly respond to God so that we could advance into everything He had for us. We gained a greater ability to see our circumstances from God’s perspective and began to understand more of the Lord’s WAYS— leading, growing, pruning and bringing us forth.”

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Bellwethr Inc. || Daron Jamison, COO

“Michelle's wisdom and insight has been instrumental in helping us develop our strategy and understand what is fruitful in this season of the business. As a startup we have so many opportunities and decisions that at times it can feel overwhelming. She has helped me identify what we need to focus on now and what can wait. The partnership with Michelle has also grown me as a business leader and I feel more confident in who I am and how I am being called to lead my company.”

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Pneuma 33 & World Changer Network || James Kramer CEO, Anna Kramer CCO

“We have had the incredible privilege of working with Michelle for over two years now. Michelle has both sat in on critical meetings that our company has been involved in, as well as operated as a direct consultant to our advertising firm and our growing media platform. Her rare perception and insights during the last several seasons of our business have helped us prevent making the wrong decisions at the right time, and the right decisions at the wrong time. Her discernment skill is off the charts, and has saved us agony time and time again. Having Michelle on our team to bounce decisions off of has made all the difference in our fast growth and success. She has taken such a personal investment in our vision, and holds us accountable to walking it out well by providing us that critical outside perspective. Michelle sees things we would have missed, and isn't afraid to speak up in love. Everyone needs a Michelle in their corner. And every business leader or head of an organization would greatly benefit from the wealth of council Michelle brings to the table. If I were you, I would hire her in a heartbeat!”